What do Matthew McConaughey, Justin Trudeau and Shaquille O’Neal have in common? They all swear by yoga. Once the preserve of yogis and women, the ancient practice is becoming increasingly popular with men – famous or otherwise.

But not all men are convinced about the physical and mental benefits of yoga. Common misconceptions include:

• I’m not flexible enough.

• I’ll be the only man in class.

• It’ll make me skinny.

• It won’t make me muscly.

• I don’t know any yoga poses or jargon.

Ciara Watson, yoga instructor at The Yoga Mela London says, “A man came to my class the other day and said, ‘I’m not very flexible.’ But the thing is, you wouldn’t go to a French class expecting to already speak it fluently. So why would you go to a yoga class expect...

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Yoga isn't just a practice, it's a way of life

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