Pelvic Floor Workshop
with Emma
Saturday, 21 May 2-4pm

Are you doing your pelvic floor exercises but have no idea if you are doing them right, or if it’s doing what it’s meant to be doing?


If you are feeling frustrated, a bit lost and confused and not sure where to start or what to do, or purely want to know how to strengthen the pelvic floor then this is for you. Did you know that when you strengthen your pelvic floor that you also strengthen your core?


During the workshop we will iron out any questions you have, discuss how it works, learn what to do when it's not doing what we want it to and discuss common issues that come up.  We will discuss how it connects to and what its relationship is to the rest of the body - It's not just about kegals or the pelvic floor.

This class is for women at any age/stage of life - pregnant, postnatal, peri-menopausal, menopausal, post-menopausal.


Find out why the way we breath, move and stand have a huge impact on the health and strength of the pelvic floor. We will go back to the foundations and build up from there. You will leave having a deeper understanding of how the pelvic floor works, how to help yourself with any pelvic floor issues you have and be armed with exercises, tips and tools to take into your day to day life.


This thorough workshop will dive into the pelvic floor, ask questions, practice exercises to strengthen and also to relax the muscles.


Please note that these sessions are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


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New Moon Gong Bath
with Diana
Friday, 27 May 7:15-8:45pm

This event is an invitation to allow you to let go of the stresses of the day and fully immerse in a deep healing and restorative sound journey.


A Gong Bath is a form of sound therapy where the gongs are played in a therapeutic way. You are bathed in sound waves and sound frequencies which takes our brainwaves from a waking state to a deeper meditative and even sleeping state. This allows our being to restore its natural balance and encourage healing. 


The powerful sounds and vibrations of the gongs can stimulate all cells in the human body, moving through blockages, reducing stress levels, enhancing mental clarity, promoting better sleep and awakening higher states of consciousness.


As you lie back and relax comfortably in your safe space, Diana will lead this sound healing journey guiding you through a soundscape of different tones, vibrations and textures created by the gongs, crystal bowls, Himalayan singing bowls and other instruments.


No prior experience is necessary, just willingness to let go and receive the healing vibrations. Please arrive on time so you can settle into the space and not to cause disruption to other participants.


What to expect:

·      Opening talk explaining the session

·      Breathwork and relaxation to allow you to settle into the space

·      Sound healing journey

·      Closing session and time to get grounded


What to bring and preparation:

·      Wear comfortable clothes and bring an eye mask (optional)

·      Bottle of water

·      Yoga mats are provided but feel free to bring your own, a cushion and blanket to get keep warm

·      Try not to eat a heavy meal 1-2 hours before



Gong baths are not recommended for pregnancies in the first trimester, individuals with pacemakers/metal implants, epilepsy, tinnitus or any form of a serious mental health condition. If you are unsure please seek professional medical advice before taking part or feel free to contact us. By purchasing your ticket you confirm that you have read and understood these conditions.

Please note that these sessions are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


£20 Book here.

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Kids Yoga
with Sally
Monday, 30 May 11-11:45am

Yoga and mindfulness have been shown to improve both physical and mental health in school age children. The benefits include improving balance, strength and endurance as well as empowering and at the same time having fun.


This class is suitable for 5-11 year olds and includes warmups, child appropriate yoga poses and relaxation.


Parents are welcome to sit in the sanctuary room for the duration of the class or visit 241 Norwood next door where they will receive 10% discount off their bill.

Please note that these sessions are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


£7.50 Book here.

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Real Birth Project's Hypnobirthing Course
with Sakina
Saturday, 18 June 1-6pm

Join Sakina Ballard from Real Birth Project for the Practical Hypnobirthing Course.


Hypnobirthing often brings up various images in the mind. In reality, it is made up of practical tools and techniques that can support you feeling emotionally calmer and allow the physical process of birth to unfold more smoothly. It is evidence based information and choices that equip you to make decisions that feel right for you.


This course covers all hypnobirthing techniques to support you emotionally and physically through birth and is designed to put you at the center, equipping you for birth, so you feel confident and calmer with options, tools and information. It is a perfect accompaniment to a separate antenatal education course, e.g. NCT, or as a stand alone practical birth preparation for you and your birth partner, designed to guide you in a non-judgemental way for wherever and however you birth.


What do you get?

*Selection of Audio Relaxations and Hypnobirthing Tracks

*60 page Real Birth Project Workbook

*Goodie Bag

*Ongoing teacher support

*Offers on further resources

*Refreshments provided during the course


What we cover:

*What Hypnobirthing is & how it works

*Explore what is going into your birth with you

*Affirmations & creating your own


*Language and it’s impact

*What happens in a physiological birth

*Abdominal birth

*Positioning for birth

*Emotional safety in birth

*Breathing to support birth

*Communicating with care givers

*Importance of the birth partner role

*Massage techniques


At Real Birth Project, all tools are shared without bias so that all ways of birth are supported.


Sakina is a highly experienced Hypnobirthing antenatal educator and maternity mentor who works in a safe, compassionate and trauma informed way. Alongside founding Real Birth Project she is the Community Lead for Make Birth Better & was co-chair of Croydon MVP supporting its establishment and is a Service User Voice for the Maternity Transformation Programme at NHSE&I and HEE. She has worked with hundreds of families in person and online and these 5 * reviewed courses have been running since 2017. Her passion is for you to feel emotionally safe and equipped for all journeys through birth.


This course is also an opportunity to meet other local expectant parents as you journey into a new chapter of your lives. Please at arrive 1pm for a 1:15pm start.

Please note that these sessions are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


£180 Book here.

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