Rehana Rafiq Lee

Rehana 2.jpg

Rehana first started meditating 9 years ago to help her cope with some life challenges and stress experienced working in the TV Industry. Faced with a fast paced job, adrenalin fuelled work environment and working long hours she needed something to ground her and ease her anxious and at times negative thought patterns.

In 2011 Rehana completed the 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course founded by Jon Kabat Zinn. She found this life changing and has continued to meditate ever since and live mindfully, as best as possible, contributing to many positive effects in all areas of her life.


Recently embarking on the Teacher Training Pathway for this course and completing Level 1 Rehana is now keen to start guiding practices at The Yoga Mela.


Rehana's guided Mindfulness Meditation classes will be a time for you to pause. Take a break from all the busyness and doing in your life. A time for you to cultivate beneficial qualities and contribute to your own wellbeing. A time for being, connecting with your breath and your inner self with focus and interest.’