Workplace Yoga

What we do shapes who are and so, our bodies mold themselves around our most common activities.  Hunching over a computer for long periods, puts pressure on our bodies, often causing neck, shoulder and wrist pain.


On top of the physical effects of work; on an emotional level, stress has become a commonplace.  Stress can lead to depression, anxiety, burnout and a range of other health conditions.


Providing your employees with workplace yoga gives them an opportunity to breakaway from negative thought patterns, creating more space in their minds, whilst also healing their bodies.

Get in touch to discuss how workplace yoga could create a happier, healthier and more creative workforce.


'Ciara’s classes are a breath of fresh air from the busy and static office day. She is able to make the most stressed person relaxed within minutes of her class beginning! The classes remain challenging despite this air of calm and push you physically to try new things you thought weren’t impossible.  I would recommend Ciara in a heartbeat.'  Eugenie, Sadler's Wells.

'Ciara is an attentive and patient teacher.  She guides her students through each posture, giving encouragement and guidance at every stage of the class. I always leave her classes feeling stronger, taller and calmer!'  Jenna, Allianz

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